Welcome to A & G Diesel and Fleet Management

When you’re in need of diesel truck repair, you need someone that knows what they’re doing. Diesel trucks require a certain level of care, as well as knowledge. And we have both. At A & G Diesel and Fleet Management, all of our mechanics have extensive backgrounds with diesel truck repair. Our employees are kind, professional, and intelligent. When you call us for diesel truck repair, we send the highest-quality mechanic you’ll find.

We provide a variety of services from routine preventative maintenance and DOT inspections to tire repairs and engine rebuilds.   Whether it's your large over the road diesel truck or your daily driver A & G Diesel and Fleet Management is the place to go for your repair needs. 

Our technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We help turn that emergency into a mere bump in the road. You won’t find quick and easier diesel truck repair service anywhere else.

Payments Accepted

  • We accept all major Credit Cards
  • Money Transfer Checks
  • Com Data
  • T Checks
  • Fleet One
  • TransPlatinum
  • EFS
  • TCH
  • Cash
  • Money Gram

About Us

We always provide quick turnaround times, and prompt, friendly, honest service. Pickup and delivery service is available for all types of vehicles, as well as a 24 hour wrecker service for automobiles and heavy duty diesel trucks and trailers. Fast, accurate estimates and a knowledgeable staff are just some of the things you will encounter at A & G Diesel and Fleet Management.